Thursday, December 27, 2012

passing along the blessing...

seriously?  how is it that everyone thinks i want their old furniture?  now if your talking rusty, chippy paint stuff...bring it on! but to whomever left me the recliner 'calling card'...please check with me first before making anymore deposits.  i have taken it upon myself to pass this lovely chair along to someone else in hopes that they have as good of a sense of humor as i do.  maybe it will become the town of victor 'mascot'...never knowing where it will turn up next!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

merry christmas from victor colorado...

although we're closed until mid february when the city of victor will be hosting it's first annual "steam punk" festival, we have the hotel lit up for the holidays.  it's times like this when i wish i had a really good camera instead of just the one on my phone.

to view photos of several of the lighted headframes that surround victor, please click on the following link

wishing everyone reading my blogs a very merry Christmas!

Luke 2:11...For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

nowhere left to go but up...

when we first opened marigold mercantile last october, 1200+ sq. ft. seemed like an ample amount of square footage to accommodate all the 'stuff'.  now, a year later, every sq. inch of the floor is full and we're climbing the walls...literally!  we've expanded our new/used clothing to the room that served as my office.  with the help of old planks found in one of our buildings, we were able to add another much needed layer.

just last week the drop leaf harvest table stood alone, but the wheels of expansion were turning.  a pair of double folding slats were added room on each end for display...but wait, there's more.  somewhere buried in all my junk i remembered i had really tall old shutters that would work great for another shelf on top.  sure enough, perfect length and width to make more display area.

a few old hooks on the tobaggan made a great place to accomodate felt Christmas totes.  the shelves are restocked with amish 'crack'.  the locals were getting a little panicky when i was down to 4 bags.  we don't call it 'crack' for nothing!

Friday, November 9, 2012

steam punk weekend...

hey ya'll...don't miss the first annual steam punk festival to be held the weekend of february 15-17 in victor, co.  more details to follow or click here for postings by victor dream team

the above photo is what's left of a tire rim.  the result of my husband hauling an overladen trailer full of steam punk 'fixins' from IN to CO.  its sets proudly in my front yard to remind me to always see the possibilities.

at marigold mercantile, 120 s third, we have an infamous 5' tunnel that is full from floor to ceiling with treasures yet unpacked that are certain to thrill any steam punk lover.  during the festival, we are going to have 'tunnel diving'.  it will work similar to an estate sale... a shopper will be given a number and 10 minutes in the tunnel to fill their vintage striped canvas shopping basket.  we'd love to let more than one in at a time, but with shelving down both sides, there's barely 2' of space between.

the junk posse, 106 n fourth, will also be open during the festsival weekend.  we have expanded all the way to the back of the building with all things rusty, chippy paint, odd and unusual.  you will find everything from metal mining artifacts to vintage fabric to antique books to primitive furniture parts and pieces.  all that's needed are wheels turning inside your head!

the olympia hotel, above the junk posse, offers lodging the old fashioned way, if you're a lover of the 'real deal' from the late 1800's...translation, 1 bathroom...down the hall.  the rooms have been newly renovated in period style and include some of the original hotel furnishings.  maybe we should institute the take a number and 10 minute rule there also!

and when you're hungry, victor has some for the best burgers, pizza and bakeries in the gold camp.  we promise you won't go hungry.

so don't miss the excitement...american pickers, eat your hearts out!

like gramma, like grandkids...

back in IN taking a much needed break.  we're sleeping in the 9 yr olds' bedroom and i had to chuckle when i saw the 'organizer' labels on the dresser.  i thought...oh  no...i've passed on the 'fanatical need to organize' gene to the grandkids! 

when we left IN, the grandkids became recipient of my beloved vintage camper that they now use for a craft trailer.  it gets a little out of control with 'supplies' so every now and then it has to be organized also.  we had a great time yesterday afternoon getting all the bits and pieces gathered up and put back in their appropriate little organizer drawer.

i guess i could've passed on much worse habits to them...and probably have...if the truth be told.  but another thing i know for sure that won't hurt them that they've learned from their grandparents (and parents) is that hard never hurt anyone.  it makes us proud to see their creative energy.

Proverbs 22:6..."train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it"

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"green friday"...

to heck with "Black Friday" about "Green Friday" the Gold Camp of course!  our stores and eateries offer a small town shopping/dining flavor unlike the big city hustle and bustle.

at Marigold Mercantile you will find new and used clothing and winterwear for the entire family.  we have one of a kind hand made and repurposed items to truly make it a "Green" Christmas.  our prices are competitive with many major retailers and we offer personalized service with a smile.

so save time, money and big city Victor, CO!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

high altitude humor...

we have alot of empty old buildings in victor, and some of our local yocal's put together this humorous window display.  i think it's off the chart cool!  i love all forms of quirky art and this puts a smile on my face everytime i walk by it.  the reflection shows some of the great buildings remaining in this old mining town.  and by the way, a couple of them are for sale.  so if you're adventurous and have a mind for restoring old buildings...make the trip up the mountain to check them out.  i would say "it doesn't hurt to look"...but our track record might indicate something different.  we look...we buy!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

bringing the outside inside...

what could make a better wall than old garage doors removed from the lower backside of building?  it was a bit of a challenge getting them up a century year old rickety wooden fire escape, but just as i was figuring out that i couldn't hold up my end of the deal, an unsuspecting fella' came walking down the alley and lent a helping hand. 

they didn't quite go all the way to the wall, so we had to splice in with a rusty piece of metal, also salvaged from the back.  so we now have doors to nowhere.  but they will be perfect to junk up with rusty spikes and relics from the gold camp!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

en plein air...

what could be better on a sunny, crisp and cool day in victor, co than taking a little break in our old bouncer lawn chairs.  we could've sold them 10 times over, but some things are just downright sacred.  these belonged to my grandma and grandpa and were on their front porch as far back as i can remember.  seems like i even have a picture of one of them holding me as a toddler in them.  be sure to take note of the wagon in between them and the old sign in the window as you view the  next picture.

the wagon with buckets of flowers and old boots was the item of interest to one of the VCTA artists in this years en plein air competition.  although it didn't win a prize with the judges, it certainly won 1st prize with me and is now hanging in my office!  if you've never attended this great art show, put it on your schedule for next labor day.  artists from all over the country come and paint within a certain radius of our old city hall.  victor has some of the most beautiful, original turn of the century archetecture of any old mining town you could find on the map.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

here we go again...

i guess we have what you'd call itchy feet.  before we have one project completed, we're out looking for another to start.  however...we are always excited by a new adventure.  after looking at these two houses longingly for the past two years as we passed by them, the opportunity to purchase them came around and we jumped on it. 

the big log cabin on the right was built in 1896 as a boarding house.  the floors make you feel a little sea sick...some settling problems to take care.  but, as always, we're undaunted!

the smaller house on the right has been renovated inside, just a few minor changes to make.  oh, did i say small changes?  that always strikes fear in my hubby's heart! 

they set high on the hill with a fantastic view over the city of victor, co.  and we can see ourselves in rocking chairs on the front porch in years to come.  if we don't slow down, it may come sooner than later.  but what a way to go!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

keeping the kids busy...

what to do when the grandkids are getting restless?  send them out on an adventure!   here they are climbing up squaw mountain in search of rusty treasures for gramma.  the view is spectacular!  i'm determined to make the climb myself before snow sets in.

they both seem quite pleased with a couple of things they found...and gramma was very pleased!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

gold rush days...

one of the highlights of gold rush days in the historic gold mining town of victor co is when an old bowling alley opens up one day a year.  God bless the owners, who endure an onslaught of kids (my two grandkids included) who spend as much time as they can experiencing bowling like it used to be.  here is grandson number 1 pin setting.  this was his 3rd year to help with the task, so he's feeling like a pro.

here is grand daughter number 1 hoping for a strike.  with lanes that are close to 100 years old, warped and rutted, any chance of strike is strictly by luck!

getting ready for the parade.  our theme was a spin on the 'big rock candy mountain'.  we called our float 'big rock candy miners'.  a very creative local gal made the mountain and all the candy.  her cardboard creations can be seen all over town.

family, friends and co worker's kids wait on the float for parade to begin.  they even have a replica ore cart full of candy ready to toss out to anxiously awaiting kids along the parade route.

and the cherry on top of the mountain and the parade was to win first prize.  here are the kids holding their shared winnings of a $5 bill each.  lucky me, they all came straight to marigold mercantile to spend it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the lost is found...

i had seen this sign in a 1904 photo mounted in front of the olympia hotel, but figured it was long gone.  just recently i was told that it was currently hanging in one of the casinos in cripple creek, so of course, i immediately had to go take a look and sure enough, there it was right when i walked in the front doors of the brass ass casino.  i would love to know how and when it was sold to the casino, but it will probably always remain a mystery.  i'm happy just to have a picture of it and plan on having it blown up and framed.

a group of great city volunteers have diligently been scraping, caulking and painting building facades all around town.  i feel so forunate to have been beneficiary of their efforts!

little by little, the historic mining town of victor, colorado is coming to life again.  new stores are opening, artists are being attracted...and all this while maintaining the historical integrity of years gone by.  if you're looking for a vacation destination that is like stepping back in time, where the mountain air is clear and clean, sunny days and cool nights...consider a trip to victor!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

mom and me...

here we are at our favorite bar b q spot in colorado springs, rudy's.  what a difference two weeks can make.  now the roads are closed and area evacuated due to wild fires.  mom came to help me with preparations for new store opening and as usual, worked me right under the table.  we had a great opening day as highways were still open.  we decided to take a little break after the weekend to rest up while we could after hiway 24 was shut down.  we've had good time shopping, gambling (just a little) and trying out different restaurants in cripple creek.  tomorrow it's time to take her back to the airport.  thankfully roads are still open to it, we'll just have to take the long way around.  i've had to promise her this is the last business venture.  i really think i can keep the promise...this one about did me in!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

window washing...

just 9 days away from the opening of the junk posse.  my sis is washing windows that haven't been cleaned in nearly 10 years.  it will be a race to the finish line to be ready, but i think we'll make it

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

tommy junkers strike again...

another fine piece of junk was waiting at the door of marigold mercantile this morning.  i didn't have to wonder about where it came from for too long though.  the 'donor' stopped in to see if i truly wanted it and of course i gave him a resounding yes!  it even came complete with a hole in the bottom for drainage, making it a perfect planting vessel.  it will join a host of other rusty buckets and tubs over at the junk posse that are waiting to be planted with flowers.  they will thrive in the big west facing windows and welcome junk lovers one and all!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the count down is on...

after weeks of deliberating what to do about the walls in the junk posse, i decided the old wallpaper had to come off, it was just too filthy to clean up.  at first i was planning on just repainting the walls, but as i was tearing off paper and discovering the different beautiful prints from over 100 years, a new plan formed in my head.  i was really lovin' how it looked with just random patches of the differnt papers showing!  and it will be much less time consuming not to have to completely remove it all. 

as i looked down the 75' length of the building and all the paper to tear off, another plan formed in my head.  let's just call it the 'tom sawyer' plan.  i sent out invitations to a long list of people to come to my stripper party.  not feeling so confident as to whether that would draw much interest at my age, i included promises of pizza, beverage and a huge chocolate caked baked by our local bakery.

instructions also included to bring a scraper, wear grubbies...and to keep them on at all times!

Monday, May 28, 2012

victor colorado new events...

stores in victor will be staying open late the 3rd of every month, 5-8 pm.  there will be special events, promotions, refreshments.  come stroll the streets of historic downtown victor colorado, meet up with old friends and make new friends while enjoying the cool mountain air!  sponsored by southird.

“FIND VICTOR“. No, not the man, the City. If you think you know Victor, think again. Discover or re-discover the historic mining camp through our “FIND VICTOR” PHOTO HUNT. Pick up your page(s) of photos at any Victor business. Many categories are available. Find and identify each photo, return the completed form to any Victor business and receive a free gift. You will be entered into a drawing held after Labor Day (for the summer) and after memorial Day (for the winter) for additional free gifts. COME, STAY, DISCOVER VICTOR!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

you just might be a junkie if... come to work and someone has left you an old metal handle on your door knob.  the fact that i chase pickups down that are hauling off scrap metal, wooden pallets and other interesting junk has obviously given rise to such anonymous gifts.  so, to whomever felt led to bestow this priceless treasure on my doorstep, i thank you from the bottom of my junk pickin' heart!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

buckets and boots...

today was gardening day at The Junk Posse. 

with tons of old buckets left behind in the antique store, i loaded them up with poseys.  then when i had several left i started looking for different things to plant in.  that's when i remembered a bushel basket full of old miner's boots.  they are all unique, but i really liked this pair with the turned up toes.  ouch, i hate to think about the poor guy who had to wear them.  they've obviously been very wet from being in the damp underground mining environment in the past.  i got so carried away, i planted one for all the retail business owners in victor.  so look for the red petunia boots in the business windows of victor and stop in and say hi!

these buckets were planted a couple weeks ago, but got left outside during a may snow storm.  they seem to be coming back fine and hopefully will be blooming again before our first hotel guests arrive for summer vacations.

Matthew 6: 28 "Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin."  I want to be more like a lily.  I toil, I spin...quite regularly. 


this one is for my hubby. he says he reads my blog...we'll see.  i found this little 'sayings' book about retirement and bought it for him.  six more weeks and he's officially retired.  i love the definitions pictured.  they both work for me!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

just another day in junk paradise...

here's my good friend karen after she successfully tied a huge wire chicken coop to the top of my vehicle.  how could anyone part with such a great piece?  it's a 3 tier chicken coop and the price was incredibly cheap cheap!  we had a great time junking in the town of florence co.  somehow i always end up in the alleys and backrooms of business looking through the really 'good' stuff.  today was no exception and with a van full of treasures we headed home and arrived safely before the sun set over the mountains.

sometimes it's hard to decide just which 'find' is the best, but today, hands down, this was it.  an old tin sign unearthed by a guy who was searching in a bottle dump.  obviously, 8 miles from victor.  he gave me a good deal on it, never knowing i'd have paid 3 times the price to have this great relic from days gone by.  i'm guessing it came from phantom canyon road, but it really doesn't matter, i was thrilled just to have come across it. 

more pictures to post later...after everything is unpacked!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

stella has a big sister...

here's stella decked out for halloween.  she totally freaks my grandkids out.  i keep telling them she's their cousin and they steer as far away from her as possible...always keeping a wary eye on her as they pass by.

now she has a big sister, della.  she was on her way to a flea market...along with all the other great stuff in the pickup...when i happened to drive by at just the right time.  i was unloading the vendors truck faster than they could load it.  railroad lights, old typewriter, leather suitcases, buckets of rusty stuff...what a haul! 

della will live over at The Junk Posse.  she'll look fabulous in the window wearing some of the vintage clothing we've been collecting.  and even though she's a little under the weather with a hole in her head and missing fingers, she'll look just fine once we get her dressed up with a fancy bonnet and lace gloves to hide all her imperfections.  after all, what can you expect when you're thrown on top of a pile of junk?

AND...she can't wait to meet my grandkids!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the big night...

after two months of hard labor, the olympia hotel hosted 'touch of victor' last night from 6-8 pm.  as usual, i was so busy with activities, i didn't get any pictures taken of all the visitors who came to see the hotel.  many came for the first time while others came to see the changes, having seen or stayed in the hotel years ago under previous ownership.  we all had a wonderful time and had i not needed to go home to take medicine, i would've just picked out a bed and stayed all night.  i would've been the first person sleeping there in nearly 10 years!  then it suddently dawned on me i didn't take any pictures, so quickly took a few to post before heading home.

one of the highlights of the evening for me was having the old photo on the mantel identified by a friend of the former owner.  during the renovations we found tons of things from roy, new mexico dated 1931-71 and had been wondering how they came to be in the hotel.  the photo and the Bibles on the mantel were inherited from the former owner's aunt/uncle and all transported to victor colorado.

i found a small sign that read 'if these walls could talk' and thought it so appropriate that it was placed right on the fireplace.  and IF they could talk, i'd want to hear every word they had to say!

all the furniture pictured was left in the hotel.  although i'd like to 'glam' up the buffet, i'm restraining myself because i want everything to look as much as possible as it did in the early days of the hotel.  the tapestry rug on the floor is almost threadbare in places, but that only serves to make me wonder about the feet that have tread on it in bygone years.

we even cranked up the old victrola and listened to all kinds of old, forgotten tunes like 'turkey in the straw' and others.  and just in time for the open house, a new friend from hutchison kansas who repairs clocks, delivered and hung the old school house clock that i had found at a yard sale years ago.  i just thought it was pretty and never dreamed it could be fixed to run again.  it chimes so beautifully on the hour and half hour.

5 rooms in the rear of hotel have been decorated in the time period that i remember as a kid when we visited colorado on our family vacations.  i think my heart was first captured then with the longing to live in the mountains and had been 'simmering' for years.   it just takes me back to memories long fogotten of a happy, carefree childhood.

and no matter where i roam, i will have always have pictures of my grandmother to display.  this one is of her with her two sisters.  she traveled to colorado from kansas as a young girl to live with her aunt and uncle to complete her schooling after having dropped out after the death of her mother at age 9.  she loved the mountains, but was never able to return after going back to kansas.  she would be so happy for me, so this is for you miss i love you!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

what are friends for...

well, for one thing, they scoop snow from your sidewalk when you're not feeling quite up to snuff.  linnea is my first vendor for the junk fest in june.  'junk from my trunk' is her name and creatin's her game!

and this one...she keeps me in line with scoldings of 'early to bed, early to rise'...blah, blah, blah.  she doesn't understand my 3 am work schedule.  karen has become my girl friday...or anyday for that matter.  she's much more organized than i am and keeps me from spinning my wheels.

with help from both of them, i just might pull off this junkfest in style!

does this qualify for normal?

in case you can't read the fine print, it says "remember, as far as anyone knows, we're a nice normal family.   i have to ask myself, what's normal?  there are all kind of definitions for *abnormal* behavior, but not so much about the definition of normal.  although i have to admit, people have been telling me for years what i do is NOT normal!

at least now, hanging sleds on your wall along with all other kinds of paraphernalia is not only normal, but highly acceptable!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

the junk mother lode...

mark your calendars for the first annual Junk Mother Lode to be held june 23-24 in historic victor, co, at 106 n. 4th st., just under the olympia hotel.

vendors from across the country are invited to this juried show featuring vintage wares, one of a kind repurposed items and salvaged treasures.  20 spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.  accommodations in renovated circa 1899 hotel included for the first five non district registering vendors.  2 primo spaces $125 each; 18 spaces $75 each.

if you like rusty metal, weathered wood, chippy paint and reclaimed treasures, this is the place to be.  be the first in line to snag the best one of a kinds!  admission is free to the public with free parking, no pets allowed.  rain or shine, indoor event.

sponsored by marigold mercantile 120 s. third victor, co
treasure hunting hours:  saturday 9-6 / sunday 9-3
hungry?  grub vendors will be onsite

for more information call judy akins  574-524-0833  or email

beginning to gather up our junk to include in the best ever mountain top junk fest.  come join us!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the junk posse in action...

historical Victor CO mines were the inspiration for the hotel room names

in between all of our junk prospecting,
we did get a little work done

one room in the gold coin suite.  looks a little austere, but it's a start

hotel foyer

fireplace mantle snagged at a great shop in cripple creek.  be sure to stop in and say hi to edie at creations everlasting and try some scones and jam!

my junkin niece, taffi jo.  do ya think i should've piled a few more things on her lap?

items found in various places around town

old victrola

these are two of taffi's favorite pieces.  she's still trying to figure out how to get them in her suitcase to take back to MO.  after using almost a whole bottle of howard's lemon beeswax oil on all the hotel antiques, they look like they're loved again.