Sunday, May 6, 2012

just another day in junk paradise...

here's my good friend karen after she successfully tied a huge wire chicken coop to the top of my vehicle.  how could anyone part with such a great piece?  it's a 3 tier chicken coop and the price was incredibly cheap cheap!  we had a great time junking in the town of florence co.  somehow i always end up in the alleys and backrooms of business looking through the really 'good' stuff.  today was no exception and with a van full of treasures we headed home and arrived safely before the sun set over the mountains.

sometimes it's hard to decide just which 'find' is the best, but today, hands down, this was it.  an old tin sign unearthed by a guy who was searching in a bottle dump.  obviously, 8 miles from victor.  he gave me a good deal on it, never knowing i'd have paid 3 times the price to have this great relic from days gone by.  i'm guessing it came from phantom canyon road, but it really doesn't matter, i was thrilled just to have come across it. 

more pictures to post later...after everything is unpacked!

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