Sunday, April 22, 2012

stella has a big sister...

here's stella decked out for halloween.  she totally freaks my grandkids out.  i keep telling them she's their cousin and they steer as far away from her as possible...always keeping a wary eye on her as they pass by.

now she has a big sister, della.  she was on her way to a flea market...along with all the other great stuff in the pickup...when i happened to drive by at just the right time.  i was unloading the vendors truck faster than they could load it.  railroad lights, old typewriter, leather suitcases, buckets of rusty stuff...what a haul! 

della will live over at The Junk Posse.  she'll look fabulous in the window wearing some of the vintage clothing we've been collecting.  and even though she's a little under the weather with a hole in her head and missing fingers, she'll look just fine once we get her dressed up with a fancy bonnet and lace gloves to hide all her imperfections.  after all, what can you expect when you're thrown on top of a pile of junk?

AND...she can't wait to meet my grandkids!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the big night...

after two months of hard labor, the olympia hotel hosted 'touch of victor' last night from 6-8 pm.  as usual, i was so busy with activities, i didn't get any pictures taken of all the visitors who came to see the hotel.  many came for the first time while others came to see the changes, having seen or stayed in the hotel years ago under previous ownership.  we all had a wonderful time and had i not needed to go home to take medicine, i would've just picked out a bed and stayed all night.  i would've been the first person sleeping there in nearly 10 years!  then it suddently dawned on me i didn't take any pictures, so quickly took a few to post before heading home.

one of the highlights of the evening for me was having the old photo on the mantel identified by a friend of the former owner.  during the renovations we found tons of things from roy, new mexico dated 1931-71 and had been wondering how they came to be in the hotel.  the photo and the Bibles on the mantel were inherited from the former owner's aunt/uncle and all transported to victor colorado.

i found a small sign that read 'if these walls could talk' and thought it so appropriate that it was placed right on the fireplace.  and IF they could talk, i'd want to hear every word they had to say!

all the furniture pictured was left in the hotel.  although i'd like to 'glam' up the buffet, i'm restraining myself because i want everything to look as much as possible as it did in the early days of the hotel.  the tapestry rug on the floor is almost threadbare in places, but that only serves to make me wonder about the feet that have tread on it in bygone years.

we even cranked up the old victrola and listened to all kinds of old, forgotten tunes like 'turkey in the straw' and others.  and just in time for the open house, a new friend from hutchison kansas who repairs clocks, delivered and hung the old school house clock that i had found at a yard sale years ago.  i just thought it was pretty and never dreamed it could be fixed to run again.  it chimes so beautifully on the hour and half hour.

5 rooms in the rear of hotel have been decorated in the time period that i remember as a kid when we visited colorado on our family vacations.  i think my heart was first captured then with the longing to live in the mountains and had been 'simmering' for years.   it just takes me back to memories long fogotten of a happy, carefree childhood.

and no matter where i roam, i will have always have pictures of my grandmother to display.  this one is of her with her two sisters.  she traveled to colorado from kansas as a young girl to live with her aunt and uncle to complete her schooling after having dropped out after the death of her mother at age 9.  she loved the mountains, but was never able to return after going back to kansas.  she would be so happy for me, so this is for you miss i love you!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

what are friends for...

well, for one thing, they scoop snow from your sidewalk when you're not feeling quite up to snuff.  linnea is my first vendor for the junk fest in june.  'junk from my trunk' is her name and creatin's her game!

and this one...she keeps me in line with scoldings of 'early to bed, early to rise'...blah, blah, blah.  she doesn't understand my 3 am work schedule.  karen has become my girl friday...or anyday for that matter.  she's much more organized than i am and keeps me from spinning my wheels.

with help from both of them, i just might pull off this junkfest in style!

does this qualify for normal?

in case you can't read the fine print, it says "remember, as far as anyone knows, we're a nice normal family.   i have to ask myself, what's normal?  there are all kind of definitions for *abnormal* behavior, but not so much about the definition of normal.  although i have to admit, people have been telling me for years what i do is NOT normal!

at least now, hanging sleds on your wall along with all other kinds of paraphernalia is not only normal, but highly acceptable!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

the junk mother lode...

mark your calendars for the first annual Junk Mother Lode to be held june 23-24 in historic victor, co, at 106 n. 4th st., just under the olympia hotel.

vendors from across the country are invited to this juried show featuring vintage wares, one of a kind repurposed items and salvaged treasures.  20 spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.  accommodations in renovated circa 1899 hotel included for the first five non district registering vendors.  2 primo spaces $125 each; 18 spaces $75 each.

if you like rusty metal, weathered wood, chippy paint and reclaimed treasures, this is the place to be.  be the first in line to snag the best one of a kinds!  admission is free to the public with free parking, no pets allowed.  rain or shine, indoor event.

sponsored by marigold mercantile 120 s. third victor, co
treasure hunting hours:  saturday 9-6 / sunday 9-3
hungry?  grub vendors will be onsite

for more information call judy akins  574-524-0833  or email

beginning to gather up our junk to include in the best ever mountain top junk fest.  come join us!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the junk posse in action...

historical Victor CO mines were the inspiration for the hotel room names

in between all of our junk prospecting,
we did get a little work done

one room in the gold coin suite.  looks a little austere, but it's a start

hotel foyer

fireplace mantle snagged at a great shop in cripple creek.  be sure to stop in and say hi to edie at creations everlasting and try some scones and jam!

my junkin niece, taffi jo.  do ya think i should've piled a few more things on her lap?

items found in various places around town

old victrola

these are two of taffi's favorite pieces.  she's still trying to figure out how to get them in her suitcase to take back to MO.  after using almost a whole bottle of howard's lemon beeswax oil on all the hotel antiques, they look like they're loved again. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

junk prospecting...

welcome to my world
i've been framed
treasures from the past

going where no man dares to go