Monday, May 28, 2012

victor colorado new events...

stores in victor will be staying open late the 3rd of every month, 5-8 pm.  there will be special events, promotions, refreshments.  come stroll the streets of historic downtown victor colorado, meet up with old friends and make new friends while enjoying the cool mountain air!  sponsored by southird.

“FIND VICTOR“. No, not the man, the City. If you think you know Victor, think again. Discover or re-discover the historic mining camp through our “FIND VICTOR” PHOTO HUNT. Pick up your page(s) of photos at any Victor business. Many categories are available. Find and identify each photo, return the completed form to any Victor business and receive a free gift. You will be entered into a drawing held after Labor Day (for the summer) and after memorial Day (for the winter) for additional free gifts. COME, STAY, DISCOVER VICTOR!

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