Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the count down is on...

after weeks of deliberating what to do about the walls in the junk posse, i decided the old wallpaper had to come off, it was just too filthy to clean up.  at first i was planning on just repainting the walls, but as i was tearing off paper and discovering the different beautiful prints from over 100 years, a new plan formed in my head.  i was really lovin' how it looked with just random patches of the differnt papers showing!  and it will be much less time consuming not to have to completely remove it all. 

as i looked down the 75' length of the building and all the paper to tear off, another plan formed in my head.  let's just call it the 'tom sawyer' plan.  i sent out invitations to a long list of people to come to my stripper party.  not feeling so confident as to whether that would draw much interest at my age, i included promises of pizza, beverage and a huge chocolate caked baked by our local bakery.

instructions also included to bring a scraper, wear grubbies...and to keep them on at all times!

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