Saturday, November 24, 2012

nowhere left to go but up...

when we first opened marigold mercantile last october, 1200+ sq. ft. seemed like an ample amount of square footage to accommodate all the 'stuff'.  now, a year later, every sq. inch of the floor is full and we're climbing the walls...literally!  we've expanded our new/used clothing to the room that served as my office.  with the help of old planks found in one of our buildings, we were able to add another much needed layer.

just last week the drop leaf harvest table stood alone, but the wheels of expansion were turning.  a pair of double folding slats were added room on each end for display...but wait, there's more.  somewhere buried in all my junk i remembered i had really tall old shutters that would work great for another shelf on top.  sure enough, perfect length and width to make more display area.

a few old hooks on the tobaggan made a great place to accomodate felt Christmas totes.  the shelves are restocked with amish 'crack'.  the locals were getting a little panicky when i was down to 4 bags.  we don't call it 'crack' for nothing!

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