Monday, May 28, 2012

victor colorado new events...

stores in victor will be staying open late the 3rd of every month, 5-8 pm.  there will be special events, promotions, refreshments.  come stroll the streets of historic downtown victor colorado, meet up with old friends and make new friends while enjoying the cool mountain air!  sponsored by southird.

“FIND VICTOR“. No, not the man, the City. If you think you know Victor, think again. Discover or re-discover the historic mining camp through our “FIND VICTOR” PHOTO HUNT. Pick up your page(s) of photos at any Victor business. Many categories are available. Find and identify each photo, return the completed form to any Victor business and receive a free gift. You will be entered into a drawing held after Labor Day (for the summer) and after memorial Day (for the winter) for additional free gifts. COME, STAY, DISCOVER VICTOR!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

you just might be a junkie if... come to work and someone has left you an old metal handle on your door knob.  the fact that i chase pickups down that are hauling off scrap metal, wooden pallets and other interesting junk has obviously given rise to such anonymous gifts.  so, to whomever felt led to bestow this priceless treasure on my doorstep, i thank you from the bottom of my junk pickin' heart!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

buckets and boots...

today was gardening day at The Junk Posse. 

with tons of old buckets left behind in the antique store, i loaded them up with poseys.  then when i had several left i started looking for different things to plant in.  that's when i remembered a bushel basket full of old miner's boots.  they are all unique, but i really liked this pair with the turned up toes.  ouch, i hate to think about the poor guy who had to wear them.  they've obviously been very wet from being in the damp underground mining environment in the past.  i got so carried away, i planted one for all the retail business owners in victor.  so look for the red petunia boots in the business windows of victor and stop in and say hi!

these buckets were planted a couple weeks ago, but got left outside during a may snow storm.  they seem to be coming back fine and hopefully will be blooming again before our first hotel guests arrive for summer vacations.

Matthew 6: 28 "Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin."  I want to be more like a lily.  I toil, I spin...quite regularly. 


this one is for my hubby. he says he reads my blog...we'll see.  i found this little 'sayings' book about retirement and bought it for him.  six more weeks and he's officially retired.  i love the definitions pictured.  they both work for me!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

just another day in junk paradise...

here's my good friend karen after she successfully tied a huge wire chicken coop to the top of my vehicle.  how could anyone part with such a great piece?  it's a 3 tier chicken coop and the price was incredibly cheap cheap!  we had a great time junking in the town of florence co.  somehow i always end up in the alleys and backrooms of business looking through the really 'good' stuff.  today was no exception and with a van full of treasures we headed home and arrived safely before the sun set over the mountains.

sometimes it's hard to decide just which 'find' is the best, but today, hands down, this was it.  an old tin sign unearthed by a guy who was searching in a bottle dump.  obviously, 8 miles from victor.  he gave me a good deal on it, never knowing i'd have paid 3 times the price to have this great relic from days gone by.  i'm guessing it came from phantom canyon road, but it really doesn't matter, i was thrilled just to have come across it. 

more pictures to post later...after everything is unpacked!