Sunday, December 7, 2014

dream weaver...

it's my pleasure to introduce autumn wallace from victor colorado.  she is a budding young artisan who has developed a very unique way of repurposing the worst of the worst clothing into the best of the best accessories!

 i'm totally in love with her creations she spins into yarn using discarded, outdated clothing.  she begins by cutting the garments into small strips, then attaches the strips together to make one continuous piece.  the fabric is then spun into 'yarn' using an attachment she built herself to fit over the bobbin winder of her sewing machine.

using her spun fabric yarn, she incorporates various spinning and weaving techniques to create her one of a kind accessories. 

below are some examples of her unique boot wraps that triple as belts and scarves

and even if you're not in the market for a baby sling, these can also be used as infinity scarves and could easily be stitched up the sides to make a fabulous purse/tote.

be sure to check out autumn's etsy store, reinfree.  and if you're looking for a special Christmas gift for someone (or yourself) there are several one of a kind boot wraps, pillows and scarves.  you're gonna love them!

Saturday, December 6, 2014


with a back area in my store that is equal in size or greater than the store area in front (and full of inventory) it suddenly dawned on me that i should incorporate that space into the store.  next comes the big shuffle, where to begin?  it has felt kind of like playing that little puzzle game where you have to move 15 numbers into correct order.  sometimes it takes 3 moves to get 1 number into it's place.  

first step was to move the cabinets from the unfinished wall and put up some reused plywood, paint and trim.  the wall color was determined by 6 left over cans of paint that we mixed together.  with all of our renovations, we have an abundance of leftover paint and this was a great way to use it up. and i actually love the color!

the next step was to move two sections of shelving and tubs filled with vintage fabrics to their new space in newly designated work room.  (this followed moving lots of junk to make room for them!)

after the shelving and tubs were moved, the brick wall that had been badly burned in a fire years ago was ready to have the crumbling plaster removed.

 dawning a respirator, hubby proceeded to chip and scrape off plaster, completing the task in less than 1/2 a day.  the concrete patch hides a very poor repair job where a window was removed years ago.  after digging thru our scrap metal, he found an old rusty piece of pressed brick pattern tin that will lend character and hide the patch.  

off to bed now so i can get up early and vacuum the area and adjacent room that are covered with a fine layer of dust. watch for more progress in the days to come!