Sunday, April 22, 2012

stella has a big sister...

here's stella decked out for halloween.  she totally freaks my grandkids out.  i keep telling them she's their cousin and they steer as far away from her as possible...always keeping a wary eye on her as they pass by.

now she has a big sister, della.  she was on her way to a flea market...along with all the other great stuff in the pickup...when i happened to drive by at just the right time.  i was unloading the vendors truck faster than they could load it.  railroad lights, old typewriter, leather suitcases, buckets of rusty stuff...what a haul! 

della will live over at The Junk Posse.  she'll look fabulous in the window wearing some of the vintage clothing we've been collecting.  and even though she's a little under the weather with a hole in her head and missing fingers, she'll look just fine once we get her dressed up with a fancy bonnet and lace gloves to hide all her imperfections.  after all, what can you expect when you're thrown on top of a pile of junk?

AND...she can't wait to meet my grandkids!

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