Sunday, August 19, 2012

keeping the kids busy...

what to do when the grandkids are getting restless?  send them out on an adventure!   here they are climbing up squaw mountain in search of rusty treasures for gramma.  the view is spectacular!  i'm determined to make the climb myself before snow sets in.

they both seem quite pleased with a couple of things they found...and gramma was very pleased!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

gold rush days...

one of the highlights of gold rush days in the historic gold mining town of victor co is when an old bowling alley opens up one day a year.  God bless the owners, who endure an onslaught of kids (my two grandkids included) who spend as much time as they can experiencing bowling like it used to be.  here is grandson number 1 pin setting.  this was his 3rd year to help with the task, so he's feeling like a pro.

here is grand daughter number 1 hoping for a strike.  with lanes that are close to 100 years old, warped and rutted, any chance of strike is strictly by luck!

getting ready for the parade.  our theme was a spin on the 'big rock candy mountain'.  we called our float 'big rock candy miners'.  a very creative local gal made the mountain and all the candy.  her cardboard creations can be seen all over town.

family, friends and co worker's kids wait on the float for parade to begin.  they even have a replica ore cart full of candy ready to toss out to anxiously awaiting kids along the parade route.

and the cherry on top of the mountain and the parade was to win first prize.  here are the kids holding their shared winnings of a $5 bill each.  lucky me, they all came straight to marigold mercantile to spend it!