Saturday, June 11, 2011

spring has sprung...

fall has fell, summer's here and it's hotter than

an oven...and a steamy one at that!  that little diddy kept running thru my head after i found all these springs.  i think it's one of those childhood memories of when us kids thought we were ever so clever...or maybe it's the distant memory of getting my mouth washed out, not sure which.  for someone who is in love with all things wire, this was a great find.  some will hang from my Christmas tree for ornament extenders, some will serve as photo holders and some will just make me happy to look at and imagine what i can do with them.  in the meantime, the old wooden silverware holder is just perfect to keep them corralled. 

yesterday we removed the lettering from our box truck of the former owner's business.  it's no longer 'ye olde speedy delivery'.  we haven't thought of a proper name yet to rechristen it, but the wheels are turning.  and, litterally, the wheels will be turning in 13 days as we leave IN and head to CO.  i'm nervous, excited, scared, overwhelmed and focused.  all these feelings wrapped up in a 5'2" stature that will hopefully hold together through the loading and long drive.  i keep thinking about what's waiting on the other end and it keeps me plugging away.  mountain air, no humidity, a renovation project...yes...definitely worth it all!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

drool, slobber, hyperventilate...

another great day for yard sales!  i stumbled across one of those rare sales where you're thinking 'pinch me, i must be dreaming'!  this time i loaded up with a vintage mannequin, vintage dress form, old bicycle, stack bookcases, antique child's cupboard and a whole set of sofa slipcovers and cushion covers in the above vintage bark cloth fabric.  they are in absolutely pristine condition.  i've already carefully taken them apart.  the ruffles will become valances in my new store and the balance of the fabric will be fashioned into upcycled purses.  and...again... i had that guilty twinge when i started cutting them up.  but...again...consoled myself that i didn't have a sofa that they would fit on.  then, i reminded myself that my real passion is in transforming something from it's former life into a new and useful thing of beauty. is good!

the countdown is on, in a little less than 3 weeks, we'll be pulling out with our moving caravan.  just when i think i'm making headway on the the packing, i hit another yard sale and it's back to lowe's for more boxes.  my husband will either have to tether my vehicle to his for the drive to CO, or else put blinders on me so i won't see all the yard sales between here and there!