Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the lost is found...

i had seen this sign in a 1904 photo mounted in front of the olympia hotel, but figured it was long gone.  just recently i was told that it was currently hanging in one of the casinos in cripple creek, so of course, i immediately had to go take a look and sure enough, there it was right when i walked in the front doors of the brass ass casino.  i would love to know how and when it was sold to the casino, but it will probably always remain a mystery.  i'm happy just to have a picture of it and plan on having it blown up and framed.

a group of great city volunteers have diligently been scraping, caulking and painting building facades all around town.  i feel so forunate to have been beneficiary of their efforts!

little by little, the historic mining town of victor, colorado is coming to life again.  new stores are opening, artists are being attracted...and all this while maintaining the historical integrity of years gone by.  if you're looking for a vacation destination that is like stepping back in time, where the mountain air is clear and clean, sunny days and cool nights...consider a trip to victor!

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