Saturday, November 24, 2012

nowhere left to go but up...

when we first opened marigold mercantile last october, 1200+ sq. ft. seemed like an ample amount of square footage to accommodate all the 'stuff'.  now, a year later, every sq. inch of the floor is full and we're climbing the walls...literally!  we've expanded our new/used clothing to the room that served as my office.  with the help of old planks found in one of our buildings, we were able to add another much needed layer.

just last week the drop leaf harvest table stood alone, but the wheels of expansion were turning.  a pair of double folding slats were added room on each end for display...but wait, there's more.  somewhere buried in all my junk i remembered i had really tall old shutters that would work great for another shelf on top.  sure enough, perfect length and width to make more display area.

a few old hooks on the tobaggan made a great place to accomodate felt Christmas totes.  the shelves are restocked with amish 'crack'.  the locals were getting a little panicky when i was down to 4 bags.  we don't call it 'crack' for nothing!

Friday, November 9, 2012

steam punk weekend...

hey ya'll...don't miss the first annual steam punk festival to be held the weekend of february 15-17 in victor, co.  more details to follow or click here for postings by victor dream team

the above photo is what's left of a tire rim.  the result of my husband hauling an overladen trailer full of steam punk 'fixins' from IN to CO.  its sets proudly in my front yard to remind me to always see the possibilities.

at marigold mercantile, 120 s third, we have an infamous 5' tunnel that is full from floor to ceiling with treasures yet unpacked that are certain to thrill any steam punk lover.  during the festival, we are going to have 'tunnel diving'.  it will work similar to an estate sale... a shopper will be given a number and 10 minutes in the tunnel to fill their vintage striped canvas shopping basket.  we'd love to let more than one in at a time, but with shelving down both sides, there's barely 2' of space between.

the junk posse, 106 n fourth, will also be open during the festsival weekend.  we have expanded all the way to the back of the building with all things rusty, chippy paint, odd and unusual.  you will find everything from metal mining artifacts to vintage fabric to antique books to primitive furniture parts and pieces.  all that's needed are wheels turning inside your head!

the olympia hotel, above the junk posse, offers lodging the old fashioned way, if you're a lover of the 'real deal' from the late 1800's...translation, 1 bathroom...down the hall.  the rooms have been newly renovated in period style and include some of the original hotel furnishings.  maybe we should institute the take a number and 10 minute rule there also!

and when you're hungry, victor has some for the best burgers, pizza and bakeries in the gold camp.  we promise you won't go hungry.

so don't miss the excitement...american pickers, eat your hearts out!

like gramma, like grandkids...

back in IN taking a much needed break.  we're sleeping in the 9 yr olds' bedroom and i had to chuckle when i saw the 'organizer' labels on the dresser.  i thought...oh  no...i've passed on the 'fanatical need to organize' gene to the grandkids! 

when we left IN, the grandkids became recipient of my beloved vintage camper that they now use for a craft trailer.  it gets a little out of control with 'supplies' so every now and then it has to be organized also.  we had a great time yesterday afternoon getting all the bits and pieces gathered up and put back in their appropriate little organizer drawer.

i guess i could've passed on much worse habits to them...and probably have...if the truth be told.  but another thing i know for sure that won't hurt them that they've learned from their grandparents (and parents) is that hard never hurt anyone.  it makes us proud to see their creative energy.

Proverbs 22:6..."train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it"

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"green friday"...

to heck with "Black Friday" about "Green Friday" the Gold Camp of course!  our stores and eateries offer a small town shopping/dining flavor unlike the big city hustle and bustle.

at Marigold Mercantile you will find new and used clothing and winterwear for the entire family.  we have one of a kind hand made and repurposed items to truly make it a "Green" Christmas.  our prices are competitive with many major retailers and we offer personalized service with a smile.

so save time, money and big city Victor, CO!