Tuesday, May 6, 2014

sneak peek...

still a work in progress, but the rustic tunnel is coming along.  this is my favorite spot in the entire store.  lots of repurposing 'fixins', garden and vintage camper items.  only 5' wide, but piled high with everything from rusty buckets for planting, chippy paint plinth blocks, old license plates, cast iron chimney baffles and wooden croquet mallets for garden markers...the possibilities are endless!

the store is piling up with new items daily.  we will reopen memorial weekend with regular summer hours of thursday - sunday.  11-5 and noon-5 on sunday. 

take the short drive up the mountain and stay in our newly renovated olympia hotel, circa 1899.  we have nightly and weekly rates available.  be sure to call ahead for reservations!  719.689.5952.

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  1. Hi Judy, Nice to meet you! I can tell we have a lot in common! We love junk!! I have a vintage canned ham and hubby and I are in the middle of renovating a cedar shake cottage....thanks for visiting and I am your newest follower~~~Blessings~~~Roxie