Saturday, November 1, 2014

for the love of campers...

what i thought would be a 3 hr drive to the western slope to look at this camper turned out to be a 5 hr drive...each way.  couldn't resist this 1958 fireball that had been parked in a field for several years.  on the advice of hubby i didn't pull it home, but returned a couple weeks later to get it.  after a new set of tires and quick check over we were on our way back over the mountain with my newest prized possession.  hopefully this little beauty will be ready to roll by spring and will be loaded down with junk galore.  can barely wait!

just like with the houses i talk my husband into buying declaring them 'move in ready', the camper will require a little more than 'lipstick' as originally thought.  the deeper i dig into it, the more damage i find.  it was going to get gutted anyway to make room for pop up shop, but i sure didn't plan on taking it down to the chasis!

the princess stove and propane refrigerator have been removed and will be saved for a later project.  i'm sure another will come along!


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