Thursday, March 20, 2014

the perils of traveling with junk...

it never fails.  everytime i fly, my carry on is always searched.  i don't get it, doesn't everyone travel with rusty old trycicle wheels, old license plates, etc?  And then there was the guy at the gate check who gave me the stink eye when he went to lift it and nearly pulled his shoulder out of the socket.

for me it's always about good junk wherever i'm at and doing whatever's necessary to get it home.  you might notice one thing is missing from my baggage...clothes.  i've been known to wear 2 pr of socks, all my underwear, undershirt, tshirt, button down shirt, sweat shirt, vest AND coat...all at one time, just to make room in my suitcase.  after all, who needs clothes when there's good junk to transport!

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