Friday, November 4, 2011

gold coin club...

after finding myself afoot one morning after fuel pump went out on my vehicle, i decided just to walk to the store...even though my neighbors graciously offered to take me (after all, it's all downhill).  it was a beautiful cold, crisp sunny day.  i always do a double take when i pass by the former Gold Coin Club.  although i haven't researched all it's history, i know it was a 'hopping' place at the turn of the century, providing an upscale gathering place for local miners. even Teddy Roosevelt paid a visit there during the labor wars.   after the decline of the mining industry, it was also used as a hospital.  now privately owned, it is a beautiful reminder of the glory days in victor, co when fortunes were made...and the search for gold. 

after pondering for weeks what i could use for price tags in the store out of the norm, i was down to the last week before i was to open.  time to start pricing, and no decision on tags yet!  then walking down an aisle of walmart, they they were...a roll of carnival tickets...perfect!  although it made a little more work by way of punching holes and stringing each tag, it was just what i wanted.  then it was a mad dash to get all the store items priced and tagged.  thanks to my mom who came to help for 2 weeks, everything was priced and ready to go on opening day.  what a trooper...82 years old and she can work circles around most young whipper snappers!

here she is showing one of the local women some vintage amish boy hats brought from IN.  the amish jams, salsas and pickles have been a great hit in the store.  check out for a complete list of products.  and if you ever pass through middlebury IN on US 20, look for the big red roof building and stop in for home made donuts and candy crunch.  we call it amish bite and you're hooked!

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