Saturday, November 12, 2011

aisles are made for dancing...

awe, get a room!  well, with the great music provided by local musician, greg brazill, at the store grand opening, these two just couldn't resist a little two steppin' right in the aisle.  my good friends, kathy and jimmy justice never miss a chance to cut a rug.  jimmy is the caretaker at the most beautiful lake i've ever seen.  bison lake...where i caught my first fish ever, and it was a whopper!  kathy makes pies that are off the chart good, particularly her apple crumb.  she recently made me one that i took home hot, right out of the oven.  there wasn't much left of the crumb topping by the time i got home...and it's only 3 blocks away.

the grand opening went very well.  i'm always more comfortable behind the scene, but somehow thought it might be socially unacceptable for me to go work in the backroom while it was going on.  i love talking to people one on one, but crowds make me nervous...always looking for the closest door to make a quick exit.  it must have something to do with being claustrophobic.  my husband says he's going to quit buying me tickets to events that involve going below ground, as i always bail on him.

my brother and sister in law snapped this picutre in cripple creek of donkeys that have the run of the town.  supposedly they're descendants of original burros from early mining days.  this picture reminds me of something my husband always tells people.  he says i'm a horse and he's a donkey...because a donkey knows when to quit and will sit right down when it's tired, but a horse will run itself right into the ground, not knowing when to stop.  he's right yet again. 

i'm so grateful for the help they gave me getting ready for open house (brother and wife, not the donkey).  particularly when i worked through the night and ended up having to sleep during the day.  someone had to open the store and they both stepped right in and handled it all.  i was so out of it when i woke up that evening that i couldn't figure out what day it was or what they were doing at my house.  seriously gotta cut out those all nighters! 

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