Sunday, October 30, 2011


during a trip back to IN for a short visit, i passed by our old house and was reminded of when we renovated this little barn at the back of our property for a young lady that God brought into our lives.  one day as we were trying to find a place for her to live, we both looked at each other about the same time and said..."hey...what about the barn!"  well, that's all it took and we were on our way.

here she is painting.  from the beginning to the end of the project, she rolled up her sleeves and jumped right into the mix of things...and we really know how to mix things up!

and she even got pretty good at swinging a sledge!

this is what we started with.  as i remember, the barn measured about 12 x 18...not counting loft.

i've seen the big guy break out a chain saw for some of our renovations...only a sawzall needed this time.

old loft out, ready to start putting it back together.

view of living area under new loft

view from loft, looking down at steps

bedroom end of loft.  there sets mr. bear, her constant companion.

this is the before area of where new bathroom went in...a little breezy!

bathroom after

before area where kitchen went in.

kitchen after

now we've all moved on, different towns, different states...but will remain life long friends.  she's an amazing young woman, wife and mother.  we'll always remember the teeny tiny barn house experience!

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