Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow Day...

a beautiful snowy day in victor, co!  and i only had to shovel my sidewalk 4 times.  when we were looking at our building to renovate, i loved the fact that it had alot of frontage when so many of the buildings were very narrow and deep.  well, it was summer and the thought of 10-12" of snow to shovel never crossed my mind!  this is a shot of a former assay office across the street from my store.  i love the advertisement painting on the side.  this is very typical of the buildings in victor.

every inch of space in my teeny tiny store has to be utilized.  baby bed springs on the bathroom door provide a great place to display winter caps, gloves and scarves.  stella the mannequin is dressed up in a vintage wool coat with creepy crawly candy bugs climbing all over her.  the school kids love to stop in after school and pick the bugs off of her.  she is named after a vintage alfred hitchcock episode entitled 'through an unlocked window'.  totally freaked me out as a kid and stella is the scariest name i could think of to give her.

the window decal turned out 'somewhat' like i had envisioned.  it was inspired by my grandmothers gold pin that belonged to her aunt who brought her to CO in 1909 so she could finish school after her mother died.  the pin is over 100 years old; pick, axe and pan with gold nuggets in it...similar to the decal image.

clara watson on her graduation day, 1911, southside denver high school.  she told me many times it was one of the happiest days of her life.  the long stemmed american beauty roses bouquet were given to her by her 'beau'. the diploma in her hand is framed and hanging on my wall.  she loved CO so much, teaching here for 3 years before returning to KS for the remainder of her life.  she would be so tickled with my store.  she always told me that i went at things like i was killing snakes...she was right about that.  i dedicate my store to her memory. 

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