Thursday, October 27, 2011

i love this door...

what could be more exciting for a picker than to find an old Victor CO police car door?  add a vintage wine rack, old thermoses and it has become my favorite display.  the old door was pulled out of a shed that's next to falling down.  those are my favorite places to climb through, none too small or too large...i'm not picky.

another great find was this old cash register.  the bottom of one of the drawers is stamped 'fortune club' 'victor colo'.  the fortune club building was built in 1899 as a brothel.  the rooms upstairs still have pictures of 'the girls' hanging outside their respective rooms.  notice i didn't say 'respected'.  it took my husband and i and one other young man to heft it up onto its current resting place.  i love to rearrange and change up displays, but this one won't be moving.

bundles of felted wool we call 'chubby nubbies' fill a vintage wire shopping basket.  people ask me what to do with answer...just let them make u feel all warm and fuzzy.  several things got broken in our move from IN to CO.  one of which was an antique amish doll bed.  since it was already broke, i took it apart and painted both the headboard and footboard with chalk board paint and now they have new lives as advertising billboards for various displays in the store.  i like them this way better!

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  1. The shop looks fantastic Judy! I love the concept of adding local needs and wants in with the fun. Best Wishes on your new venture.