Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Opening Day!

after several months of 2-3 am work days, Marigold Mercantile opened right on time, 10 am on oct. 24.  as with most every project i find myself in, it was right down to the wire.  too much to do in too little time...self imposed deadlines...again.

still lots of tweaking to do, i.e. unpainted door, but who will even notice when it's covered with coats.  however with a forecast for 8-10" of snow tomorrow, the coats may be gone by the end of the day.  after all the renovations, i'm sure not in the mood to paint again already!

  party section with shelved antique sled endcaps for kitchen linens.  every section in the store is 'mini me' size. 

laundry section uses an old galvanized washtub to hold detergent with small 2 tier bucket bench stacked on top to hold additional laundry items. 

the concept of having 2 distinct and separate areas in the store will work well.  the old fashioned five and dime variety store area will meet the needs of local and surrounding mountainous area.  it's a 45 minute drive to any real shopping.  the repurposed area meets my need to tear things apart and recreate.  a marriage made in Heaven!

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