Sunday, October 9, 2011

taking time to play...

in the midst of the building remodel and settng up displays, i couldn't stand it any longer, just had to do something a little fun.  so right in the midst of saws, hammers and nails set 3 little pumpkins perched on old chair springs.

then there was the issue about what to do with a huge hole in the 3 layers deep brick wall.  ideas have been swimming in my mind for months.  i'd almost settled on putting an old door over it when i remembered a little galvanized garden table that i had recently bought and it seemed the size was about right.  i couldn't believe it when i slipped it in the hole and it fit perfect.  because of the irregularities in the old stucco job, i had to use a little foam sealant to fill in the gaps, but it will hardly be visible once it's touched up with paint.  and what a bonus, since it's magnetic it will make a great display for the hand crafted primitive magnets my mom makes.  oh, and by the way, here's her clever business cards...front and back.  she's awesome!

the time has flown by since renovations began on the building, and opening day for Marigold Mercantile is just around the corner...oct. 24th.  sometimes i have to pinch myself to realize that my dream of having my own store, in my favorite place on earth is about to come true. 

Psalm 37:4  delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Thank you Gracious Father!

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  1. Hi Judy! It's looking great so far. Wish I could be there for opening day. Are the Aspen's turning? We had a beautiful weekend here and 80 degree's!
    Best of luck to you on your new shop.