Sunday, May 15, 2011

this is how we do it...

this is terry and i, starring in our own comic cartoon.  this pretty much describes how we buy properties.  so far we haven't gotten stung too bad, just usually end up with alot more work than we initially think.  but somehow everything always turns out ok.  here's the lineup of houses we've acquired so far in victor, co (all before pictures).  all diamonds in the rough, just waiting for someone to love them.

house number 1.  this is the one that started everything.  we bought it over the internet, sight unseen.  that's about the craziest thing we've ever done, but it turned out great and we just traded it for a commercial building that we'll begin renovations on later this summer.

house number 2.  i found this one on craigslist and convinced terry that it just needed 'lipstick'.  this one is a joint venture with our son and we'll be living here until we finish the building renovation. 

house number 3.  this one really got us excited.  it has all the original trim, hardware and flooring inside, plus original leaded glass window in the front window.  the only thing that's missing is the antique mantle, but hopefully, we'll find a replacement in one of the many surrounding antique stores.  this one is for our daughter. 

house number 4.  now we've gotten more of the family interested in vacation homes in victor.  my brother has called dibs on this one.  i seriously need to stay off the internet home foreclosure sites!

this is the one i really fell in love with.  it will house a new business venture as well as an apartment for us to live.  i love everything about it, even the old broken down windows.  they'll get the broken glass replaced, but windows are staying!  with our plan in place, we proceed with all the strength we can muster up, praying we've not gone astray.

Proverbs 16:1  we can make our plans, but the final outcome is in God's hands.

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