Friday, May 13, 2011

eight is enough...

i can't believe my good fortune to find 8 vintage canvas shopping baskets, all matching, in their original rack.  another little detail i can check off my 'what am i going to do about this?' list for the mercantile.  so now i have inventory, displays and ideas...just need the building finished.  only 6 more weeks and we'll be on our way!

after wondering how we were going to get what's left of our furniture in IN moved to CO, we decided it might be best just to buy our own truck.  the only problem i see now is that it's looking too small.  it might have been adequate before i bought display racks from a store that was closing.  and then there's all the stuff still at the antique mall and stuff on loan over at the chicago bakery.  this is definitely going to require our finest, most stragic packing ever!  one thing for sure, this will be our last move.  after bouncing around from IN to AZ to CO over the last few years, we're ready to stay put. 

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