Wednesday, May 18, 2011

in need of rescue...

2 pillows, 2 piles of chicken feathers.  i wonder if the brown feathered chicken layed brown eggs.  well, it didn't take long for them to take flight, just a few gusts of wind and they were gone.  i have to admit that i felt a little guilty as i ripped open the old pillows for love of the pillow ticking fabric.  it made me stop and think of all the time and effort some dear saint must've put into plucking who knows how many chickens to make soft pillows for her family to lay their weary heads on.  but then i consoled myself with the fact that they had served their purpose and would now lend the primitive fabric to an idea that's bouncing around in my head.

why i get so giddy over this type of old fabric, i'll never know.  it's got to be more than just the 'junk' chromosome.  there's some other little quirky chromosome mixed in there, i think it's a 'rescue' chromosome.  ever since i was a kid, i've had a heart to rescue anything and everything.  animals, people, furniture, houses...anything i see potential in.  it really wears me out, but i know i'll never change.

this 'rescue' got me in alot of trouble.  i was helping my sis take a load of trash to the local landfill.  as she was backing up and keeping her eye on the pile behind us so she wouldn't back into it, i was jumping out of the vehicle, headed for the top of the pile where i had spied an old nail keg.  it had all fallen apart, but i was able to save several staves and the great twisted wire that had once held them in place.  then she had the nerve to tell me that i couldn't put that...hmmm, her car!  but she caved, after all...i AM the older sister.  for some reason, she snuck out of the house with the next load...didn't even invite me to go along!  i'll have to make something surprisingly cool out of them so she'll have to recant on her opinion.

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  1. I've been with you on far too many "rescue" mission! Remember stopping the man in the street in Middlebury so you could dig through the back of his truck for the metal awnings? You do have an eye, though!! And I love you for it. jh