Sunday, May 8, 2011


my son torry posted this on facebook today for mother's day.  i remember this day vividly. terry had just gotten home from the service and we were celebrating 4th of july down at 'the cabin'.  this was a cabin owned by an aunt and uncle on my grandfather's side.  my siblings and i spent many happy days there as children.  i even planned a scandalous 'running away' with 3 other girls when we were in 3rd grade.  we all felt we were being overworked at home and should run away.  i piped up that i knew the perfect destination...never mind that it was 20 miles away and i didn't know exactly how to get there.  the plans were laid, bags packed with clothes and food and stashed under our beds.  we were to meet at 12:00 midnight at a certain place.  however, only one of us showed up, the rest of us slept right through the appointed time.  the police caught the one 'faithful' runaway and she spilled her guts, at which point they immediately called all the other parents to see where their daughters were.  i remember my parents waking me up (having found my suitcase under the bed), pointing to it and saying "what is this"?  that's right, i remember their exact words.  seems like i was always in trouble for something.  i remember one teacher in the 6th grade calling me the ring leader.  he was right. 

so for this and all the other times i caused my mother grief, dispair and agony, happy mother's day mom.  thank you for not killing me in my prime!

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  1. I just don't see you that way Judy, Note to self, gotta get to know her better! She sounds like fun :) Happy Mom's day!