Wednesday, May 25, 2011

striking resemblance...

meet my sis...the one on the right with the wine bottle of course...don't know who that other gal is!  the local winery just happened to be right smack dab in the middle of our 'coming and going' on my recent trip to the northwest.  not only does *westport winery* have fantastic wines, but they also have a wonderful little restaurant, plus an exquisite gift shop.  we had to partake in a little of everything.  after finding some fabulous marigold kitchen towels, we just knew it was all meant to be. 

she's the brains of the family.  no matter what tricky bookkeeping problem i present her with, she always gets it straightened out in my books.  i know she cringes though when i call her with news of yet another property purchase, sale or trade...she especially hates the trades!  i redeem myself periodically by descending on her 4 story house to practice my organizational skills.  it's a wonderful home, but 3 flights of stairs almost do me in.  i get my very own room on the 3rd floor.  i'm sure it must've been the maids room at one time, so it's just perfect for this 'all american maid'. 

and speaking of all american...we're both on the band wagon for buying american.  after finding this old fan with wiring too far gone to repair, i decided to just cut the cord off and let it become a work of art...a tribute to a time gone by when made in the u.s.a. was proudly stamped on the majority of household products.  though somewhat tarnished, it still makes a beautiful metal sculpture, sort of reminds me of a flower that has seen it's better day.  even in it's rusty state, it still has that solid feel of real metal, beautiful curves and of course, the inscription that reads 'made in the u.s.a.'

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