Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ready to roll...

although this looks like a motor home...it's actually a uhaul in disguise.  it was packed top to bottom, front to back with 2 months of southwest junk shopping.  tables, chairs, trunks and other furniture filled the inside with just enough room for driver.  when we arrived in colorado and started unloading, we could almost feel the neighbors eyes peering out at us and comparing us to the little circus clown cars that are packed with everything but a kitchen sink.

so, no room for hitch hikers!  i love all forms of galvanized vessels, and especially this one!  it is filled with new burlap bags that will become the ceiling once we start store renovations.  in contemplating how to finish off the ceiling 'on a dime' i came across about 100 burlap bags at a yard sale for a total of $2...problem solved!

and who needs an expensive bike rack when you can turn a metal work table over and bungy cord all the bikes to it?  we only had to leave 1 table and another work bench behind to be picked up next winter.  i forgot to take a picture of my car pulling our cargo trailer...all equally packed.  after a 16 hour drive, we arrived safely in victor.  the only problem i had was keeping up with my husband who seemed to find his comfort zone at around 75-80 mph. 

thank you Lord, for a safe trip, no flat tires...and no speeding tickets!

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