Saturday, February 26, 2011

"driver pull over, i need to spend more money"

i'm usually not this dressed up when i'm junking (and i don't have a driver), but the message on this card made me laugh because i found it after i decided to make one more stop at the junk store before i left washington state. i was actually hoping i wouldn't find much because i already had my boxes packed up and ready to ship. but a quick sweep through the store couldn't hurt anything, right? well, after packing up two more boxes tonight, i just have to say, hurt never felt so good! either i missed this stuff before, or they had been busy restocking after i left the last time.

i've discovered an important rule of thumb for me. if i see something that catches my eye, whether it's the color, texture, or quirkiness...i need to buy it (if it's priced within reason). because if i don't, 9 times out of 10, i think of a use for it somewhere down the line and kick myself for not getting it. i don't have to know exactly what i'm going to do with it at the time of will come. that's my new rule and i'm stickin' to it!

this will be my last blog for a few weeks. we'll be packing up in az and heading back to co for 5 weeks to finish up 2 renovation projects and begin a new one. below is a picture of the new project. built in the late 1800's this will be our new home/store. situated right at 10,000 ft. elevation, victor is an historic mining town that we discovered back in the 80's on vacation. we loved it then and always dreamed of living there. now 30 some years later, this is where we've landed.

120 s. second victor, co 80860
store name t.b.d. i'm open for suggestions!

check back in a few weeks for progress pictures.

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  1. Done told you-Mother Lode Mercantile!!

    TTYL , Love 'ya