Sunday, March 20, 2011

it just needs lipstick...

yesterday we signed a contract trading our house for an historical building in scenic downtown victor, co.  i'm so excited i can barely keep my feet on the ground.  while restoring old structures is not new to us, this will be our biggest challenge ever.  eventually it will house our new business, 'marigold mercantile' in the front and our home in the back half of the building. 

this is the side door that lead to a loading dock for the original store known as 'gardner's mercantile', circa 1899.  the building was land locked from the rear due a small inconvenience known as a 'gold mine'!  the mine has long been closed up and property resurveyed to include the back part of property.  my husband has always loved to here's his chance...go for it, honey!

this is a shot of the floor joists in the basement.  evidently years ago, the roof collapsed due to snow load.  the weight of the snow also slammed through the floor leaving a huge snow ball in the basement that took 2 years to thaw out.  the floor and joists have been repaired, but evidence of the damage remains.  

just the thought of removing the plaster to expose the original brick really gets my adreneline pumping!  this is an area in the back of the building that will become our dwelling.  i already have plans on what to do with this and the matching bricked up window casements.  work begins mid june, 2011.  check back in to see how we're doing!

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