Tuesday, March 29, 2011

happy birthday to...me!

i guess it hasn't sunk in yet that i've reached another one of those decade milestones.  i'm not sure what turning 60 is supposed to feel like.  can't say that i feel any different, except maybe more of an urgency to keep pressing on towards the high calling that Christ has on my life.  i fall so short everyday of what i want to be, but keep gettin' back up and dustin' myself off.  i'm reminded today of 2 of my favorite movies.  one is 'man of honor' and the other is 'the last samurai'.  they are such an inspiration to me.  both portray individuals that just won't give up inspite of every conceivable road block thrown in their path.  i especially love the scene where tom cruise is getting the crap beat out of him and doesn't have enough sense to just stay on the ground.  some might say i'm bull headed and stubborn...maybe rightfully so.  but i try to distinguish between the nay sayer's in my life and those who know and see my passion, caution me, and then cheer me on.  someday i won't be able to do the things i love to do, so for now, i'll just keep pushing myself.  my grandmother always said i went at everything like i was killing snakes.  so...this decade is dedicated to you, miss clara.

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