Friday, February 24, 2012

what we found...

just discovered another door to different area of basement.  it was covered with snow when we first looked at the building and didn't know it was there.  now it's open...let's go in!

first discovery, this great old ladder, plus i think we counted 5 old farm house sinks and backs.

found this stuck up on a ledge.  so far we've found 4 old screen doors, one of them will soon be decked out with this rainbo bread screen!

this was an area of basement that we didn't know existed.  it's completely separated from the front basement by rock, although we thought we could see light through the rocks.  but we never expected to find such a great space with more treasures!


  1. Oh, dear friend. How I miss you, and your 'finds'! Would love one of the sinks and a screen door. Coming to Kansas?

  2. Sink and screen door reserved for u! but...must come here to pick up. how else will i get u out here!?!