Sunday, February 5, 2012

mirror mirror on the wall...

who's the craziest of all?

him?  for loading huge harley cycle in the back of teeny tiny pickup, or...

me? for over loading teeny tiny pickup with junk and driving 18 hrs with it from az to co 

long story short... when we left az last year with our caravan, there wasn't enough room for all the 'treasures' i had found, some had to wait to be toted until this winter's trip.   in the meantime, a new game plan suddenly came together when new cycle was purchased in az.  somehow it took priority over my junk.  so i was given 2 options.  a.  make a whirlwind 2 day trip back to co with it, or...b.   it was all going to the dump.  i already had plans for the antique drafting table (turned upside down on top).  it is going to function as kitchen island in area we're renovating for dwelling behind our store.  so like a good marine...i leave no one behind!  it really wasn't much of a decision, just load it up and off i go. 

2 hrs into the trip at 4 am somewhere in NM, the van starts overheating.  i cripped along 60 miles to find a station open at that time of dark thirty and looked in the radiator and coolant tank...empty.  took almost a gallon of coolant to fill them.  but the indicator never pegged out in red, just fluctuated back and forth, so thankfully no damage was done to the engine.  that's why the 18 hr drive going.  coming back, i was literally able to fly and made it in 14 hrs, pulling into driveway just as sun was sinking over the tucson mountains. decide, who's the real crazy...maybe both?

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