Saturday, February 11, 2012

hubby wants to trade up...

after seeing this custom chopper in las vegas, terry announced he was ready to trade in his harley on it.  good luck with that.  although i'm not a big fan of cycles, i had to admit that this was truly a work of art.  in fact, i'm not a big fan of las vegas either.  i've hardly ventured out of our room, just long enough to try and find something under $20 to eat.  but it's been great to be with family and get to watch the grandkids while adults lose their money as fast as they can.  terry is still searching for the .99 cent shrimp cocktails that he remembers from the early 70's.  he's just sure they're out there somewhere...good luck with that also!

after 5 days of intensive bookwork at my sister's in washington state, hibernating in our room has felt heavenly.  every  year, i take her a boat load of transactions to figure out.  in looking back over an insane streak of buying/selling/trading over the last 2 years, it's a wonder anyone can figure it out. 

 it all started in march 2010, when the love affair with victor colorado that started in the early 80's began to bloom.  we purchased our first fixer upper, sight unseen, over the internet.  a fixer upper to us would qualify as a 'needs a good bulldozer' to most people.  but it turned out great, so we purchased 3 more.  then we traded the first one for the building we opened our store in and renovated it.  then we renovated the 2nd one to move into since we traded the first one we were living in.  then we sold the 4th one to my brother.  then we traded the 3rd one for another building downtown.  then we bought an old hotel and adjacent plumbing store. 

so, the moral to this tale is that, is blind.

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