Thursday, December 29, 2011

picture perfect...

this photo looks like it could've been taken at the turn of the century...that's 1900, not 2000.  although in 1900 there would've been very little ground showing.  victor boasted a population of around 15,000.  hard to believe now with a population of around 500.  so many of the old buildings and houses are gone.  after the mining boom peaked and ebbed, many structures were abandoned and ravaged by years of neglect.  thankfully enough still remain intact to give a good representation of what the little mining town looked like back in the day.

i'm marking the days off on my calendar until we close on the olympia hotel.  i'm torn between wanting to stay to get started on it and going to arizona for 6 weeks to rest and soak up some sun.  but with the hectic schedule of 2011, my head tells me to go for the relaxation.  i'll be ready to tackle the project with renewed vim and vigor!

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