Monday, December 26, 2011

an original piece is coming home...

after receiving an ebay gift certificate for Christmas, i began looking for vintage victor colorado items.  to my surprise and delight i found this old c & h sugar barrel stamped victor colorado.  as i looked at it closer, i couldn't believe my eyes!  also stamped on it was purity steam of the earliest businesses that operated in our building, now home to marigold mercantile.

i was nervous all day, waiting for the auction to end and hoping against hope i wouldn't be outbid.  so with my strategy planned (and credit line ready to tap if necessary) i was determined it would return to it's original place of use.  joy oh is coming home!  i am a strong advocate that artifacts from the district should stay in the district.   let's just say it will be over my dead body that it leaves victor again!   and should the dead body scenario happen sooner than later...let it be known to all that this piece is to go to the lowell thomas museum.  so let it be written, so let it be done!


  1. Having first knowledge of the travels of this barrel over the past many months, it is quite a coincidence that the two of 'us' shall meet again in this place called Marigold Mercantile... interesting to say the least. I'm happy to see the old friend again that has once again been 'rescued' from someone who didn't treasure it. I join Judy's sentiment to bring back the artifacts that have left this historic slice of heaven we call home. I support the gift to our Lowell Thomas!! Hear, hear!!!

  2. Another TERRIFIC story of the fates intervening in the Victor/Wired for Junk love affair!