Thursday, January 15, 2015

a sea of rust...

ah, rust as far as the eye can see!  the ceiling is completed in the backroom expansion and it turned out even better than i expected.  i love it all pieced together with scraps and different degrees of rust.  it's kind of like a rusty quilt!

 two new windows let in lots of morning sunshine.  i had to scrounge through all my old burlap bags to find enough to line the upper walls with and they too, look like a burlap quilt.

and speaking of sunshine, Victor, CO has 300+ days of sunshine a year.  it makes the cold, snowy months so much more bearable.  everything slows down up here in the winter, kind of like hibernating.  it's a time for catching up after busy summer and fall tourist season, time for regrouping and forming new ideas, and time for a long winters nap. (or at least a little snoozer!)

check back in over the next few weeks to see our progress as the expansion set up begins soon!

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