Thursday, November 13, 2014

what to do on a sub zero snowy day...

vintage pillow ticking...I love, gotta have it, can't enough of it.  so when I spotted this old mattress my mind immediately begins to assess the situation.  how would I get it from IN to CO, i'm flying. the only thing to do would be to buy it and cut it apart...right at the store. 
  I come back two days later, scissors in hand, ready to disassemble it. 
first the red metal buttons all had to come off.  the ticking and buttons will be reused in vintage camper #3. 
hoping for the best, I cut one side open and the whole cover peeled off easier than peeling a potato.  just when I thought i'd retrieved everything I wanted from this old mattress I saw at least 100 wire bed springs inside the frame. 
by now my fingers are almost frozen, snow is starting to fall and I'm realizing that i'll have to leave the springs behind. 
that's when I grab the manager, who is periodically checking on my progress and probably thinking i'm nuts, and talk him into saving what's left of the mattress; assuring him he can part it out and sell the springs to other crazy crafters like myself.  thank you, doug, from the whistlestop in goshen for going the extra mile for me! 

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