Tuesday, July 9, 2013

vintage camper mania...

a 1970 mitchell class c rv is what started it all.  aptly named "twister sisters" for my sis and i since we're ks born and bred.  she's painted by a local artist, noel wallace, who has graced the town of victor co with several outstanding murals.

an inside shot of what a little paint, antique bead board, vintage mexican flour sack curtains can do.  she's almost completed except to lay brick paneling on the floor and coat with several layers of polyurethane.  just when i thought there could never be another...

...along comes a 1965 road runner.  this one will be semi gutted and become 'junk on the run'...a rolling collection of the best junk on wheels!  good thing i didn't promise two were enough, because...

...a real beauty caught my attention!  she's a 1948 kit companion, completely original inside.  birch cabinets, brown, western looking seat covers, working stove and fridge...even wire racks in the cupboards.  i hate to choose favorites, but i'm leaning heavily towards this one.  the shape reminds me of a picture of a sod house i saw, so i'm thinking she'll be painting to look like an old soddy and i'll call her "sodbuster".  i'm trying really, really hard not to look at old campers parked in fields, but it sure is hard!


  1. Hi Judy,
    So funny, my twin just asked me if I wanted to buy an old camper then I read your blog and you just bought 3!
    My daughter and son in law just moved to CO (Lakewood) this week. She is having a hard time finding good thrift for her apartment. I'm sending her your way!
    PS We'll be visiting soon and I hope to come see you and Victor!

  2. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog! Would you be willing to send me some pictures of the interior of your 1948 kit companion? I just picked one up but it's not all original inside and I was wanting to know how the layout is of this trailer (: thanks! Any help would be appreciated! Email me at kim_alvey@hotmail.com. Thank you thank you