Saturday, March 3, 2012

time travel...

with a little spare time on my hands today (how often does that happen?) i decided to browse the online denver public library photo archive.  in my never ending quest to find photo's of the hotel, i was thrilled to find several!

the year is 1904.  this is indicated by the mob of miners in front of the union hall, just to the left of hotel and plumbing store.  a dry goods store and shoe store occupy the lower level of the hotel.  not much can be seen as to what occupies the plumbing store.

although more of the miners union hall is visible, there's just enough of olympia furnished rooms sign on the upper side of hotel to identify it.  the plumbing store still isn't giving up any clues.

with this picture, the other end of painted sign is visible and the barber shop is identified as oak barber shop.  plus...the word 'the' and 3 letters, 'bru...' on the front of plumbing store really have my inquiring mind begging for more information!

this one is taken mid century, 40's - 50's?  it's a shot up north 4th street with the victor hotel first and then the sporting a billiard, pool hall?

a little work on ancestry may afford some more clues.  but for now, these pictures from the past are making me so happy!

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