Saturday, January 7, 2012


original brick exposed...check.  freight door stripped...check.  floor sanded and painted red...check.  i hope to be sitting at my desk by monday.  after months of doing business out of plastic tubs and on our kitchen island, the anticipation of having a real office again is making me more anxious than ever!

as with every thing victor remodel related, this project ended up taking longer than planned.  but we threw in a few extra things such as stairs to the basement where access was a ladder before; installing french doors in the back where only a 2' plywood door was previously; and retro fitting old doors and bead board to use as wall paneling.  so all in all, i'd say 4 weeks wasn't too bad.

and i almost forgot...there was a little delay once terry had easy access to the basement.  he had to do a little digging around in search of gold!

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