Sunday, December 4, 2011

big rig in a little alley...

almost missed getting photos of the last 'deposit' being made of the best of my 'junque' at the old antlers hotel in victor.  we traded a house for another commercial fixer upper.  this one will have to set for quite awhile as there's another hotel ahead of it on the to do list.  this building no longer functions as a hotel.  after a fire burned off the upper floor several years ago, only the ground floor remains.  it will be renovated into individual store fronts eventually.  the rv would barely fit down the alley, and we were promptly advised that we'd never make it out the other end, so it had to be backed out.  sure glad i wasn't driving!

boarded up windows on the antlers building.  the door to the right was the door going up to the hotel.  now it just has stairs to nowhere...maybe a roof deck someday? 

another photo found in an old book showing the door up to the hotel.  the window is cracked, words barely visible, but will be repaired as much as possible and reinstalled at some point in the future.

our love of old buildings will be the death of us.  just one request...bury me in victor's sunnyside cemetery with wire bedsprings around my grave!

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