Tuesday, December 20, 2011

anxiously awaiting...

just 2 more weeks and we'll be closng on the olympia hotel and old plumbing shop next to it.  the olympia is one of the oldest, longest running hotels in co.  it has been shut down for several years, but our hopes are to have it up and running by gold rush days this coming july.  i immediately fell in love with it because it hasn't been 'updated'.  all the original woodwork, transoms, flooring, etc are intact.  it needs a good cleaning and painting and then the fun can begin.  oh, i guess i should mention it needs a new roof, new windows, brickwork repair, plumbing repair, electrical repair...minor details as i look through my rose colored glasses that i always wear when considering an historical property...i really should get those fixed!


  1. Rose Colored Glasses SUPPORT GROUP will be meeting promptly at 10 am. I believe it is stinky thinking to blame your desire to see the best in things on the glasses. But it appears this problem is spreading around town lately, as evidenced by all of the beautiful work being done to the businesses and neighborhoods! With 'rosy glasses' on... we boldy rip into these projects with complete loss of our minds, but look what can happen!! If you just look past the flaws --with or without the glasses! Victor has so much to share with the people who seek the history lessons and want to touch and feel a piece of Americana at it's finest! This little sleepy 'diamond in the rough' sits on a pile of protected gold. And that energizes us...

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