Saturday, November 26, 2011

show and tell...

does this qualify for steam punk?

it's actually what's left of the tire rim of the trailer my husband was pulling behind our motor home to bring the last load of our possessions from IN to CO.  it was 1 am and he had made it as far as co springs and felt a 'rumbling'.  thinking  it was a rough lane, he checked his right mirror and changed lanes.  the rumbling continued, so he checked his left mirror to pull back over and that's when he saw sparks and flames shooting out from under the trailer. 

after getting the rig pulled over, he saw he'd been dragging the trailer on the rim, tire gone, for who knows how long.  the steel belts from the tire had wrapped around the axle.  the jack broke from the weight of the trailer while trying to jack it up to change the tire.  thankfully a good samaritan stopped by with a heftier jack and he was able to get it changed and made it up the mountain, arriving about 4 am.

we're thinking we've used up all of our 'moving' grace.  God has spoken...this is your last move you crazy people!

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