Thursday, September 1, 2011

the treasure hunts continue...

as i'm driving by my favorite thrift store, my mind is telling me "keep driving, you don't need anymore projects!"  but the 'j' chromosome says "turn in!"  (and the 'junk' chromosome always wins).  and wouldn't you know it, what do my eyes behold as i walk in the door but this great old trunk.  probably too expensive i'm telling myself.  but as i look at the price tag, it's a mere $3!  so then i'm way the tray will still be inside for that price.  but woohoo...there it is!  it has the original embossed tin, leather handles and hardware.  not so original is the vinyl wallpaper that completely covers every inch of the trunk.

of course, i couldn't wait to start ripping it off.  as i started to peek under the wallpaper on the lid of the tray, i could see the original surface was still there.  so i carefully peeled away the vinyl top layer and got a warm wet cloth to lay over the paper backing that was still attached.  it loosened up to where i could easily lift it up.  and there underneath, i found a woman's name, date, town and state written. 

mary e nickerson  jan 1 1910  monett, mo

so now my inquiring mind wants to know more about mary.  i have a feeling it's going to be another late night on as i search for clues as to how this trunk ended up in victor co!

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