Saturday, July 16, 2011

2 vehicles, 2 trailers, 2 grandkids


on the road, finally!   after 6 weeks of packing, loading and reloading we leave IN bright and early on a friday kid per vehicle.  no problems until the iowa border when i had a blowout on my trailer.  i was bringing up the rear so by the time i got the fish tailing trailer under control, pulled over and cell phone retrieved to call hubby, he was miles down the road.   then it was several more miles before he came to an exit to turn his rig around.  thankfully we had a spare tire and in less than an hour were back on the road. (i lead the way after that).  what was normally a 9.5 hour trip to our first stop took 13 hours.  we rested up for a couple of days before the last day of driving that stretched into a 16 hr drive thru 105 temps in KS.  after colorado springs, we could barely go 20 mph with the loads we were pulling and 10-15 when we got up in the mountains.  but we arrived safely at 8 pm and were all glad to bail out and delcare we are HOME!

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