Monday, February 21, 2011

whether it's chicken wire, barbed wire or wire nuts, i'm always finding something to rework. And now that i mention wire nuts, it reminds me of an off the wall 'cheer' we did in high school. it went something like this...nuts and bolts, bolts and nuts, we've been screwed! i guess that's why i got kicked off the squad. but back to wire and being wired. from my earliest memories, i was always trying to make something better, more organized, more useful. so it's high time i accept my lot in life and get on with it. no matter how i try to curb my appetite for junk, everywhere i look...there it is. it jumps in my car and takes over every seat except the drivers...and sometimes, it even tries to crowd me out. so it is with great anticipation that i embark on yet another adventure. more to come on that as it unfolds, but for right now, let's just say i'm 'preparing'...

proverbs 31:16 "she considers a field and buys it..."
proverbs 31:17 "she sets about her work vigorously..."
proverbs 31:28 "her children arise and call her a mess...oops...blessed"

thank you Lord for letting me have fun today!

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  1. and sometimes it leaves you rolling around on the floor laughing--either from pain or fun--we never could decide!! Oh, Judy--how I miss you!! But I'll shout it to the world--THIS LADY IS QUEEN OF JUNQUE. And it is SO nice to be Queen of something, isn't it?